I am not savvy enough to make predictions but I don’t see how Lightfoot can be in the run off. No one seems to like her or want to vote for her.

I thought the piece on Friends was interesting but appeared sort of clueless. To me it’s entire premise hinges on the fact that he just couldn’t understand how not everyone, indeed most people, aren’t only interested in arty cool entertainment that explores “ the issues of today” and love Friends simply for being very very funny.

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Ticked the box on 5 of the Tweets this week. Good group!

Loved your photo of the "I Voted" sticker (for personal reasons).

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I don't live in Chicago, but I'll make a guess on election results.

Vallas 26%

Garcia 20%

Wilson 16%

Johnson 14%

Lightfoot 13%

I will always vote for Mary Schmich, 1st place in posts!

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I was also sad to hear of South Side’s cancellation. I enjoyed both the writing and acting. I hope the entire creative team gets more opportunities moving forward.

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Supporting the reprehensible Darren Bailey put $50K in Charles Johnson's bank account. https://chicagocrusader.com/former-tv-reporter-charles-thomas-takes-50k-to-support-darren-bailey/

I'd like to think his support for Amara Enya was not based on money. Any idea?

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From your own bench of 8 (?) backup team members, plus the current starter, there’s no one you can be enthusiastic about starting in the next season? What is this organization, the Chicago Bears?

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A grim list of entertainers who died while performing. An unfun fact, I suppose: Irene Ryan ("Granny") had a stroke during a performance of "Pippin" on Broadway (the role earned her a Tony nomination). She passed a few weeks later.

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I would like to support the work of the Trib, but I don’t want to have to work at it. Can I get the Trib via some side-door like Apple News in a way a) The Trib gets money, and b). I don’t need to swat away offers and unwanted fees and crap.

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30% Vallas

20% Johnson (barely edging Garcia)

20% Garcia

15% Lightfoot

10% Wilson

5% Others

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Vallas 51%

Garcia 29%

Johnson 10%

Lightfoot 5%

All Others 5%

At least that's the way Garcia hopes it comes out. Then he can go back to Washington which sounds like a much better job than being mayor. This way he ran and tried, to satisfy his base. A year from now Vallas will be wondering why he ever wanted this job. So Garcia is the real winner, still has the power and Vallas has all the headaches.

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EZ - while i respect your thought process in voting for garcia, doesn't it trouble you to vote for someone for whom you have little [apparent] enthusiasm? especially when it sounds like king would have been your 'principled vote'. appears as tho garcia was your least-worst-alternative-of-those-who-have-a-chance-to-make-the-runoff. if there's going to be a runoff btwn garcia & vallas, did you consider voting for king now, garcia in the runoff? full disclosure: if i were still a chicago resident, i'd vote for vallas.

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My shot in the dark:

Vallas - 20%

Johnson - 18%

Lightfoot - !8%

Garcia - 15%

Wilson - 14%

Others - 15

I think that the turnout will be low enough to ensure the CTU gets Johnson to the top, but I also think that Lightfoot ads will be effective, and she isn't as reviled by voters as the media likes to portray.

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Mendoza is quite adept at using the media to leverage her political interests. It looks to me like she is still nursing a grudge against LIghtfoot from the last mayoral election and is taking advantage of an opportunity.

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I am never surprised by the headlines on older people. The media assumes that old people are infirm both physically and mentally, not action oriented, and unusual if they are not behaving in a kindly way. So, they assume this elderly person was either addled or uniquely active. In either case, it is a hook to get you to read an article that is less interesting if he were a younger man.

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Vallas 28%

Johnson 21%

Garcia 19%

Lightfoot 13%

Wilson 10%

Others 9%

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The coned dog and lamp shade was a total winner

Enjoyed the interview with Ms. Kapos-I am one of those readers here who go for it, her daily, Capitol Fax and NYT as just someone who wants to know what's going on. Isabel Miller has been doing a great job working with her dad at CF.

I wish IL was ready to elect a liberal like Brandon Johnson against a politically entrenched GOPer

Glad to hear the Jason Killborn story ended on a semi positive note-systems need to do better.

Glad to have gotten an inch and have of rain vs a foot or snow or all the ice this go round. Hang in there those in NO IL

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